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Google’s future is what most people are debating. The question on everyone’s lips is who owns Google? Who is the owner of the most popular search engine in the world? As it turns out, no one knows.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google in 1998 when they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. They started with a search engine that would work on any device, including web-connected TVs or mobile phones. That’s not all, though! They also wanted to offer robust services like Gmail and Google Maps to anyone interested in using them.

Today, Google has grown to be worth over $600 billion, which makes it one of the most valuable companies in


What is Google?

Google is a search engine that lets you search from anywhere in the world for information using your computer, smartphone, or even a smart TV. If you need to find a particular recipe, you search for “recipe.” The same formula will be the first result. If you search for a photo of a cat, the results will also have a picture.

Who owns Google?

The creation of the company gave Larry Page and Sergey Brin a huge amount of ownership. Today, they both have more than 40 percent stake in the company, which is pretty impressive when you think about it. Even more incredible is that they hold only 53,000 shares each, which gives them a meager amount of control over the company. They are still very much the company’s drivers and therefore have little power to make changes to the direction it takes. They are not alone, though. Nearly everyone on the Google board is a non-executive chairman. He is either the CEO, CFO, or a member of the board. This is meant to help keep Google accountable and out of trouble.


Google’s amazing history

I hope now you understand who owns Google; Now we see the History of Google. Search engine giant Google went public in August 2004, generating some $43.1 million on its first trading day. Since then, the company has seen tremendous growth and has reached a level of profitability beyond any company in the world.

Google’s success is not just about profits, though. It has set new standards for the tech world and won accolades for providing innovative technology to help people live healthier lives, connect with family and friends, and enjoy a superior experience online. Google’s resources are seemingly endless. They are valued at over $40,000,000,000 today, giving them a monopoly over the world’s online search markets.


What is the future of Google?

Google has been quoted saying that they plan to replace “Now” with “Google Assistant.” Google is also set to release its hardware next year, which will allow people to get online even when their power goes out. Google is also expanding its workforce from 72,000 in 2015 to 80,000 next year. That number will continue to increase in the coming years, as Google plans to hire another 40,000 employees.

If that isn’t amazing enough, Google is also tackling some of the most challenging issues facing the world. Google recently created a new Artificial Intelligence lab to explore how artificial intelligence could be used to develop affordable clean energy, possibly creating “some form of Google car that you can simply tell to move from Point A to Point B,” says Larry Page.


How Google will continue to grow

Google is currently on the right track to becoming the world’s next global technology giant. They now have 100 employees working on Google.

In 2004, Google unveiled Google Fiber, a high-speed data service that could deliver all the internet to your home, cutting the prices drastically. Google announced an even more exciting project in October of 2010, known as Google Glass, an

What does Google do?

Google is one of the most innovative and profitable companies on the face of the planet, not just because they have offices in more than 50 countries but also because they’ve been able to adapt quickly and capitalize on the ever-changing technology landscape.


Why Google Is The Best Search

In 2013, Google’s combined ad revenue with the value of all the other services that the company offered 2013 was worth $103 billion. Even the smallest detail, like opening an account for your cat, counts as a sale for Google.

The secret to Google’s success is that the company operates as a platform that allows anyone to build a website or a mobile app. Any business can use Google services to attract the most relevant visitors to their site. The platform works by providing an easy-to-use search interface to the world’s largest audience. And people want this, as millions of websites have been built to use Google’s search service.

For people who own the company, this is a significant reason why holding Google is such a good investment.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin

By 2004, Google was generating $25 million in revenue per quarter. Two years later, the company had an annual profit of over $200 million! With this success came more opportunities and challenges.”

The acquisition of Motorola gave Google the ability to enter the mobile business. However, Motorola wasn’t making nearly enough money. This allowed Google to sell Motorola’s wireless patents to IBM for $1.25 billion in 2011. Then, in 2014, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion.

Larry and Sergey were happy with the transactions, but they were displeased that Google had just spent over $50 billion acquiring new companies.


The Early Success of Google

David and Sergey founded Google as a search engine in 1998. They were both Ph.D. students at Stanford, and they started the company in a rented garage, with just $1,000. In the process, they changed the world.

For years, they approached the project with a mixture of idealism and idealism. As the pair told Harvard Business School, “As long as the product was working well, it was cool to build it, but after that, it became a slightly more fuzzy problem.” They also admitted that the project became more complex when they were under pressure to profit, having started the business with no money.

Being under pressure to turn a profit didn’t slow down the Google team, though. It encouraged them to do things differently.

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