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The Google Web Story. How backrub became Google?

“The Google Web Story” is about how the Google search engine has grown into an empire that touches every aspect of our lives.

The web began inside a small company called “BackRub”, which was soon renamed to the “Google” search engine. BackRub was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were graduate students at Stanford University. 

We all must have used Google at least once or must be using it daily. You might have come here from google.The complete story of Google: How backrub became Google?

It is a well-known fact today what google is! Yes, as we know, it is a simple and the best search engine.

But do you know Google was not known as Google or worked like it works today?

Yes! You read it right. Google has a fascinating story. It all started with two students resolving a simple problem.

These students are none other than students of Stanford University.

To know more about this in detail, let’s continue reading our blog and dive deep into it.

The Google Web Story: History of Google

Google’s earliest incarnation was as an online directory, something similar to the Yellow Pages (searching for “composer” used to bring up an amazing resource, but not the World Wide Web!). It grew from there, as people began to use the service to find things online.

Google does have its privacy issues. Now, when you search for something on Google, it brings up results based on what it thinks you’re most interested in. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, you may want to avoid the extremely graphic results that surface when you search for the horrific incidents that the CIA is running against our own citizens, such as the killing of American citizens and the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques.

How Google Web was created

On March 27, 1996, two graduate students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, created the prototype of a search engine. It wasn’t much by today’s standards, but back then it was a major accomplishment. The language used to search the Internet was, quite literally, text. “As soon as I saw [the first] online web page I thought of this as a great new technology,” said Brin. The Page and Brin had found inspiration from earlier search engines that weren’t designed to index the whole web. “It was quite by accident,” says Brin, “that we stumbled upon this system that allowed you to look up information in just the few keystrokes it takes to say ‘Web,’ ‘Mountain View, California,’ or ‘Mr. Google’!”

Source: Steve Ballmer’s Office

Google started as a research project.


Google’s first search engine

Starting off, Larry and Sergey were looking for a better way to search the web. They were searching for a better way to track the e-commerce trends of the early days of the Internet. They decided to make their own search engine. Instead of making a regular search engine, they decided to create a small algorithm that could handle searches that were being made on the then-nascent Internet. The search engine was named Google after the word google, which was an older term for the name “googol.” The word ‘googol’ was a part of the googol number, a large number that was widely used in mathematics at the time, and the number one followed by some underscores. This was an attempt to write out Google in some computer language.


Google was earlier known as Backrub. But most of us don’t know this.

The reason is Google became famous after launching in its current name.

However, Backrub was successful too. Backrub was simply a college project by two graduate students who are currently Google’s Founders.

These students who developed Backrub are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It was formed in 1996.

These days Backrub is known as the predecessor of Google and is believed to be the central stepping stone in the development of Google.

But you might be wondering, How did Backrub work initially? Well, continue reading to find it out.


Backrub was formed because Google’s founder Larry Page was troubled by an issue world wide web.

The issue was that the pages were linked to each other, but it was impossible to track which page was linked.

Mr. Page thought it would help track the links attached to the page and start working for it. He named this project Backrub.

And in Backrub, he decided to develop a crawler or, in simple terms, a web based algorithm that would track all the links on webpages.

This idea also fascinated the other google co-founder that is Mr. Brin.

Mr. Brin studied poly-mathematics, and as the web had already 10 million webpages, he found it exciting and challenging.

Moreover, he says that he went to all his friends to decide on the thesis topic but didn’t find anything interesting. So both agreed to work together and made a crawler that we know now goes by the name Backrub.


Later, when Backrub became successful, they named it Google. Before we go into naming, let us understand why the crawler was called Backrub?

Well, as the name suggests, as Backrub tracked the backlinks, therefore it was called Backrub. Backlinks generally followed the number of links from the significant websites. Afterward, these websites were given a rank by analyzing the backlinks provided to them.

As a result, the sites with more significant links came first compared to other sites that didn’t have substantial backlinks.

It is now known as SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which we will read later in this blog.


As backrub and Google succeeded, they started getting famous. From Stanford University to the outside world, the news of Google or Backrub spread rapidly.

So their professor Jon Kleinberg approached them. He asked them to publish the paper. But Mr. Page was worried that someone might steal their idea.

However, they later published it without any further delay.

After that, they doubted whether to start a company or not.

Creating a company will demand their most of the time, and they would have to leave the graduation.

Larry Page was hesitant to do this. Because during his first year of graduation, his father died.

He wanted to pay tribute to his father by graduating. Besides, Brin was also hesitant as he had a robust academic upbringing.

Therefore they consulted the counselor. The counselor advised them to give a shot for google. Because if it succeeded, then good otherwise, they can also rejoin graduation without any trouble.

And that’s how google founders formed a company.


Talking about the success of Google, it’s unmatchable. Google is now one of the best companies in the world.

It is estimated that Google’s Market Value is about 858 Billion dollars. Yes! You read it right.

The reason is Google now has several other products, including Youtube, Gmail, etc.

Also, it is a well-known fact that advertising on Google is very beneficial for any business; that’s why most companies advertise on Google.

It is estimated that Google makes 110 billion dollars from promoting only.

But do you know Google itself isn’t a company? Yes! You read it right. Google is part of the Company Alphabet Incorporation.

Alphabet owns many other products except Google, and it is believed to be the fourth largest company.

The other top three companies are Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Still, Alphabet might beat these companies in the future as the company is rising rapidly and comprises almost 200 plus companies.

Most of us know Google as a search engine. And we might have used it.

There’s an interesting fact about google that there are about a trillion searches per year and sixty-three million searches per second on google.

Do you know why?

Well, the answer is simple! Google dominates the search market. And do you know how much it dominates?

The statistics show that almost ninety-three percent of users on the Internet use Google as a search engine.

This massive percentage is because Google is continuously improving its search algorithm and provides the best and accurate results.


As mentioned above, It’s now time to talk about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

As the name suggests, it’s based on the search engine. And by optimizing searches means providing the exact thing that the user searched. Google Story

We read that Google tracks backlinks. Now that is an essential fact for digital marketing. To rank our site on Google, we can get these backlinks from top-rated sites.

But that’s not only it. We also have on-page SEO and off-page SEO, which we will discuss in other blogs.

To simply put, if your website is Search engine optimized only, then you will be successful in generating sales for your business.


To conclude, it’s a fascinating and inspiring story of Google. We can learn a lot from it.

Ventures can become successful only if we take calculated risks, gain the essential knowledge and work hard to implement.

We hope this blog helped you gain valuable knowledge and inspiration as well. To read more such interesting and quality blogs, keep visiting our website. Peace!

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