How shows Google Map Live Traffic and how it works?

We all know google maps help us discover new places and show us the best way to save a few traffic hours And show Google map live traffic. But do you know how Google Maps Live Traffic works?

The answer is simple, as Google uses some other ways. These two different ways are as follows.

Check Traffic by Tracking Location of Android Phones on the road.

Combining our mobile’s speed with the speed of other mobiles on the lane, Google algorithms make a picture of live traffic conditions across thousands of android phones at a time.


Our Android Phones send Google Maps anonymous info. Google then analyses this information, and their algorithms tell how quickly we’re on our way.

An early version of Google maps relied on the traffic sensors that government and private companies employed on the road. By using this radar technology and sensor, road traffic conditions were identified.

However, it wasn’t still that accurate, so Google used another method. Do you know which method is that?

Please continue reading to find it out!

Crowdsourcing on Google Maps

Google began using crowdsourcing in 2009 to boost its traffic accuracy. As Android phone users allow GPS location on their Google Maps app, the phone sends back anonymously data bits to Google that let the company know how fast the cars or vehicles of users are going.

Google Maps continuously combines data from all the cars or vehicles on the road and returns it through the traffic layers’ colorful lines.

The green, yellow and red routes used by Google Maps indicate less, moderate, or heavy traffic on pubg pc download These indicators are a great aid in trying to find the quickest path to your destination.

If more people use the app, traffic forecasts become more accurate because Google Maps can see the average speed of vehicles driving the same route without misunderstanding someone’s morning coffee stop.

If Google Maps lacks sufficient details to estimate traffic flow for a particular travel segment, that section will appear in gray on the traffic layer.

That’s not where it stops. Google also added a human aspect to its traffic calculations when it purchased Waze in 2013. Drivers use the Waze application to track road accidents, disabled cars, slowdowns, and even speed traps. Google map live traffic

These reports appear on Google Maps as individual points, with tiny icons displaying items like construction signs, wrecked cars, or speed cameras.


To conclude, we can say that Google is very much efficient by using different algorithms. Google maps are also updating regularly, so we can also use it to get the most accurate information.

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