Who Owns Spotify

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming podcast and video service that allows you to have the ability to access millions of tracks as well as other media from creators from all over the world.
Basic functions, like playing music are completely free. You may also upgrade to Spotify Premium.

If you are a Premium member or no Premium, you are able to:

  • Make suggestions based on your tastes.
  • Make collections of podcasts and music
  • And much more!

Spotify is accessible across various devices that include phones, computers tablets, televisions, speakers, and even cars. You are able to easily switch between them using the Spotify Connect.

It is an Swedish multimedia and streaming audio service provider established on April 23, 2006 . Thus, It was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is the world’s biggest music streaming service, having more than 381 million active monthly users, which includes paying subscribers of 172 million, at the time of September 20, 2021.

Thus, it is important to know about Spotify. In this article, we will understand Who Owns Spotify? How bad is your spotify?

Who Owns Spotify?

After you’ve learned about the business, let’s move on to the part you’ve been looking forward to. The company was able to make its initial public offering in the year 2018. It is an official public company today and that more than one person holds shares in the company.

Daniel Ek

Daniel Ek who you already know as Co-founder of the company. of the company is the largest shareholder of the company. He holds 47 million shares in the company, which includes the warrants. If they’re not, the company, he holds 9 percent from the firm.

Martin Lorentzon

Martin Lorentzon is also a co-founder of the business. He is the one who holds the most shares, following Daniel Ek. Martin Lorentzon owns 24 million shares in the company, which is represents 13%, including warrants. If warrants are removed, Martin Lorentzon owns 12 percent in the company’s shares.

Let’s look at the largest institutional shareholders that make up the firm.

Baillie Gifford

This operates as an investment company that invests in capital businesses around the globe. It holds 11.8 percent from the firm.

Tencent Music Entertainment

Tencent Music Entertainment is the largest music company in China. It is controlled by Tencent Holdings which is also famous for its path-breaking Battle Royale video game PUBG. Tencent Music Entertainment owns 9.1 percent of the shares of the company.

Morgan Stanley

It is a financial service and investment banking firm founded within the United States. It also has invested in companies such as Square as well as Airbnb. Morgan Stanley owns nearly 7.3 percent of the shares.

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is a known brand in the music industry. The company announced an alliance with Spotify in 2015. In the wake of this partnership, Spotify became Sony’s exclusive streaming music platform for PlayStation’s PlayStation consoles. This is why Sony allows players to stream music on their consoles with Spotify when they play video games. Sony Music Entertainment owns a less than 5percent of the total shares owned by the company.

Thus, you know now Who Owns Spotify.

Interesting Facts about Spotify

How bad is your Spotify? Who owns Spotify?

YouTube users will have seen the year-end reviews at this point, and which was compiled through the streaming service using listening habits in the year 2020. It provides an overview of one’s year through audio whether it’s music, podcasts as well as music and provides an insight into one’s audio decisions, without making any judgements about matters of the taste.
The Pudding site, which is dedicated to data visualizations however, has launched with an AI-powered bot that utilizes the results of a Spotify annual review to smear users on the songs they heard in 2020.

In contrast to Spotify’s initial year-in-review that provides a simple list of songs that made it through the year The Pudding’s ‘How Worse are Your Spotify’ might not be as accommodating. The way you taste music is a personal thing however, the AI bot may take you to task for wasting hours watching K-Pop as well as too many high-pitched Bollywood songs.

The Pudding’s bot will ask users to sign in with their Spotify account, and then promise to not post or modify any information associated with the account. Similar to similar prompts in other third-party applications that let users sign into their accounts via Facebook as well as Google.

In this instance the bot analyzes the history of listening and asks a few funny questions before spewing out an array of infuriating yet incredibly accurate digs at one’s tastes in music. The bot dished out scathing reviews, telling one user that “your Spotify was masters-in-creative-writing-boomer-relaxation-nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner bad,” and that their listening activity was “disco-is-back bad, mama-mia bad, jazz-everyone’s-heard-of bad.”

The final output will provide a list of statistics which help to determine the level of basic taste. Even if one doesn’t listen to the mainstream genres of music The AI will provide humorous explanations for their erratic behavior on Spotify. Anyone who is prone to listening to music in loops are told they “listen to some tracks too much,” even going on to inquire whether the tracks are “okay.”

How much is Spotify premium?

Spotify Premium has different subscriptions. There are basically three subscription modes. These are as follows.

With Spotify’s free subscription that allows you to listen to forty million tracks (minus some recent releases for up-to two weeks) as well as stream to smartphones, computers as well as smart TVs, PS3 + PS4, Android devices, and Apple Carplay.

Spotify Premium Basic

The standard Spotify Premium subscription is $9.99 each month. By signing up you will enjoy a completely unadvertised listening experience and the option to choose particular songs that you want to listen to, as well as the ability to download tracks to listen offline and skip as many songs as you’d like and, on top of that you’ll be able listen to better quality audio streams. With Premium membership you’re able to enjoy your music whenever you’d like and wherever you’d like. You’ll get access to personalized playlists designed specifically to your tastes, Spotify Radio stations, and mobile-friendly selection. Don’t waste time shuffle and hope you’ll like the next track. With Premium, you’ll can decide the songs you play.

Spotify Premium Family Plan is a great option for families.

People enjoy things that are free. People are fond of Spotify. However, you cannot download Spotify Premium free. It’s sad. But, on the bright side it is possible to purchase Premium at the price of a discount.

Spotify Premium for Families gives the use of up to 6 users to access an all-inclusive Premium subscription at $14.99 per month. This shareable subscription will allow members of the group to have an individual account, however they you pay lesser for all the premium features. The more people you join to the Premium Family subscription, the lower the price per individual.

The Spotify Premium subscription for college students.

Students can subscribe to Spotify Premium, which offers the same features of an Individual Premium account, but with the addition of a few additional options. The first thing to note is that the student subscription costs $4.99 per month (a 50 percent discount for students who are currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning or a university) and includes an advertising-supported Hulu plan, as and SHOWTIME as well.


They are the individuals and institutions that hold the highest shareholdings in Spotify. The amount of people who use the online music service keeps growing with every passing day. Now you know who owns spotify and other important information.

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