The Founder of whatsapp: Story of Whatsapp

Today, everyone has Android phones, and WhatsApp / Whats Up, which is an application that is hardly available to anyone’s phone in today’s time. Some people do not need Android phones, but they still buy Android phones only to run WhatsApp / WhatsApp. We talk to people on WhatsApp / whats throughout the day. Share your photos, songs with friends, but we do not know the history of WhatsApp / Whats. The Founder of whatsapp Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Today I will tell you the history of the biggest application WhatsApp / Whats used in your phone.
Brian Acton, who is the cofounder of whatsapp / whats up application used in all Android phones today, went for a Facebook pay job in 2009, about 6 years ago. His dream was that he should work on Facebook, but Facebook did not put him on the job, and rejected him. Brian Acton was very unhappy with this, but he did not give up and applied for the job on Twitter, but he was disappointed here too, and he was rejected by Twitter too.

In today’s time, if someone is rejected from a company only once, he either takes some wrong step, or starts doubting his own abilities and abilities. Today, people see themselves being rejected from one place, they get very disappointed and frustrated. Brian Acton did nothing of the sort. He got up and made a new start again with a new hope. He, along with himself and his friend, worked hard day and night, and made Whatsapp on the strength of his high spirits and intentions. The Whatsapp with which the whole world is connected today.

Now 5 years later, the same Facebook that did not even put Brian Acton on the job 6 years ago, the same Facebook
Bought their application WhatsApp (Whatsapp) for 19 billion dollars, which is more than one lakh crore rupees in Indian rupees. Today the company where BrianActon went to ask for a job, he became a shareholder of the same company.
Friends call it self-confidence. The company in which he went to ask for a small job, the same company made his application WhatsApp (Whatsapp)! Gave 19 billion dollars to buy. Which is considered to be the biggest deal till date. He dreamed of working in the company, he became a shareholder in the same company.

your success depends on your thinking. You end your life by being unhappy with one of your failures, or by making the grief from that failure your strength, and then start striving for your success again with new hope. You sit exhausted by one of your failures, or make yourself stronger than ever with that failure. Friends, recognize the hidden potential inside you and stand up with a new energy, you will definitely succeed.

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