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How Facebook Tracking You and knows everything about you!

Did you know that facebook tracking you? We all must have used or at least listened about Facebook. Yes! The Facebook social media app and website, which is worldwide used and has billions of users.

But do you know Facebook is not as safe as you might think? Instead, it is the opposite, you are being tracked, and your information is used for big data and various other purposes.

Many of us now know this, but we are still unaware of how Facebook does that. Don’t worry now.

In this blog, we will read about the most widely used tracking methods by Facebook and how you can reduce and prevent yourself from it.

So without further ado, Let’s find it out.

Accessing your location data

We often upload our holiday pictures or our travel journey on Facebook. Facebook uses it as an advantage to store your whereabouts, and that’s not it.

Facebook also uses your IP address and wifi address to keep an eye on your location history. Moreover, if you have turned on the find nearby friends option on Facebook, it tracks your live location.

Facebook Pixel – Your browsing History on other websites

We all have heard there is no free lunch. And it’s right with the Facebook case too. We all might have encountered this as an experience.

Many times we visit a site to search for a product on different websites. Then we see the same ad on Facebook. Then we wonder, How come Facebook knows it?

The answer is simple Facebook uses various trackers on different websites to track users’ data visiting the website. Let’s understand it by an example.

Let’s say you want to buy a smartphone. You start visiting websites to purchase it online or know more about the specifications of the product. While doing so, you visit Amazon, Flipkart, or any other websites.

Now, these multiple websites have Facebook Pixel installed.

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that will analyze the critical points of a visitor. Like in our case, Facebook will see which device we are using right now, our location, our time on the website, and many other things.

This information is then used to display ads for you on Facebook and it’s other products. It is terrifying. Do you know why?

Facebook, by use of this method, can subconsciously alter our choices. If we continuously see a product, it will stick in our mind, and eventually, we will buy it even if we don’t need it.

Moreover, Facebook Pixel is of two types. The first one is standard, and another one is the custom event-based pixel. Users of a Facebook pixel can use either of two.

Standard Pixel

In standard Pixel, Facebook generally tracks the user’s data on all the webpages of the website. Let’s say, for an example, your website has 10

Pages enabled standard Facebook pixel on your website.

Now Facebook will track the users on all the ten different pages and collect their data. The second method is Using Customised event-specific Pixel by Facebook.

Event Specific Pixel

Event Specific Pixel is generally used to track how many leads have been generated or how many calls to action succeeded. For example, you can use event-specific pixels on your forms or landing page after filling the forms.

Suppose when someone fills the query form and lands on your final thanking page, and you have enabled Event-specific Pixel, Facebook will automatically collect the user’s data who have completed the form.


Facebook isn’t only a social media. It’s a large business, and your data is their valuable asset. To keep yourself safe, it’s best to use VPN and turn off unnecessary features. You may also consider reducing its usage.

To know more about this or other valuable information regarding these topics, keep reading our blogs. We always want our audience to be safe and updated with the latest news.

This is our own opinion. We don’t intend to harm anyone by any means. This blog is for only educational purposes. Thank you.


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