What is facebook
History of Facebook- Facebook Inc. Is an American online social media and social networking company based in Menlo Park, California. This website was launched on 4 February 2004. At that time it was named The Facebook. When its popularity increased, it was renamed as Facebook in 2005. Facebook is a free social networking service used in the Internet.

In this, anyone who is at least 13 years of age can become a member by registering for free and once he / she becomes a member, then contact and talk to friends, relatives and other acquaintances. Can. Facebook also allows to work in Hindi with other languages.

You can use Facebook from many types of devices that have an Internet connection. In computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, we can run FB comfortably.

After registering in this, the user can create his profile and his details like name, address occupation (profession), school or college name, degree qualification, status. You can write and post your thoughts.

You can also spread your feelings and emotions to other people. FB allows to add new friends so that people can add people to their friends list through Facebook and message them anytime.

If you want, you can share your photo with whom you can share it. I like this feature very much because even today when I see my 8 year old photos, I am happy to remember that time. In this way Facebook makes us happy by showing our old times

Who invented Facebook?
Some people know who made Facebook, but still there are many people who do not know this. Want to know more who invented Facebook after all. Never mind, you will know this today.

The father of Facebook is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in the United States.

This is the person who created Facebook with friends from Harvard College who read and live with him, his friends Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum who contributed to creating Facebook.

In this way, the world gave a gift that keeps everyone connected with each other. If you use Facebook, then you will know how many benefits it gives us.

History of Facebook
Who has created Facebook i.e. Mark Zuckerberg’s age, how much is it now?

Yes, he is 36 years old. You must have guessed from this that the history of Facebook is not very old.

Facebook has been launched just a decade ago. Its history is new but still very exciting. It has achieved so much success in such a short time that it has become an example.

As we have already known, Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends, but its membership was limited only to the students of Harvard University.

Later he also spread it to the Second Higher Education Institution Ivy League and Stanford University in Boston. From 2006, he started giving membership of Facebook to all those who are above the age of 13 years.

In February 2012, Facebook valued its company for the first time, which was $ 104 billion. It started selling its stock after 3 months. Facebook earns most of its revenue from advertisements.

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