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Bill Gates Biography And Bill Gates’ Earnings

When you think of who is one of the most well-known, wealthiest people in the world, Bill Gates might be the first name that comes to mind. Born in Seattle on October 28th, 1955, he has gone on to earn billions of dollars through his many business ventures. From founding Microsoft in 1975 to investing in other companies like Facebook and Twitter, he has lead a life full of accomplishments. He’s also made it his mission to give back by donating large amounts of money to philanthropic causes. Here are some fun facts about Bill Gates’ life so far!

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is one of the most successful businessmen, Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen have made a huge contribution in the field of software technology and due to this they both established a software business company Microsoft and in the software business and software Bill Gates has become one of the richest people in the world due to interest. In February 2014, he announced that he would continue to focus on social and charitable work at his foundation, “Bill & Melinda Gates”. Leaving his post as lets know Bill Gates biography.

Bill Gates’ earnings

Bill Gates is the richest person on earth. Friends, Bill Gates has around US $ 90 million i.e. around 580000 crores Indian rupees and he earns about 1500000 rupees every 1 minute and it is said that if Bill Gates has his own Had you been a country, it would have been the 37th richest country in this entire world.

Early life and education of Bill Gates

Friends, Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington United States of America. His full name is William Henry Gates. His father’s name was William Henry Gates Sr. and mother’s name was Mary Mixwell Gates. Bill Gates biography

When he grew up, his parents got him enrolled by the Lake Side School, which was the best school in Seattle at the time, Bill Gates proved very intelligent in writing at school, he had a different appetite to study since childhood. He used to read his school books for hours.

Bill Gates’s interest in technology

Bill Gates started his high school in 1969, the period when humans first went to the moon, and the mission was successful because of computers, and at the same time a company called Seattle started their computers on the Lake Side school The students were given their computers to teach and learn them and Bill Gates was already very keen to learn about any new thing and that’s why he got his admission in computer class soon in Bill Gates’s computers. As the Russian grew, he always wanted to know how this computer works, so he spent more and more time in computer class and then one day he met Paul Allen in computer class, who was 2 years older than him. Although their thoughts and ideas did not match each other, but now they became good friends with similar ideas and similar perceptions of their computer and at that time it was impossible to imagine that the two would get together Days will change the world. Bill Gates biography

Software created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen

In 1970, when Bill Gates was just 15 years old, he teamed up with Paul Allen to create a computer program called traf-o-data that measured the traffic impact in the city of Seattle, and for this he received a full $ 20,000. His first income was Bill Gates, with this he stepped into the world of technology.

In 1972, when Bill Gates was only 17 years old, he started thinking about opening his own company with Ellen, but Bill Gates’ parents first insisted him to go to college after finishing high school. Because his father was an eminent lawyer, he wanted Bill Gates to study law.

In 1973, Bill Gates finished his high school and showed his intelligence by getting the number 1590 out of 1600, which his parents were very happy to see and got him admitted to Harvard University and he wanted Bill Gates now Take law education but his dream was something else, yet he thought of making a career in law, but he did not find any subject in which he was interested in computer and hence he spent more and more time in Harvard Computer Classes. Used to spend only

In December 1974, Ellen received a book called Popular Electronics, on whose cover page, the world’s first mini-computer, the Altair 8800, was announced. Upon receiving this news, Ellen went to Bill Gates and told him everything and both of them Very happy because he knew that if it has become a computer, then every person in the world can use it to make their work easier.

Henry Roberts, the owner of the altair 8800, was looking for a man who could build software that could run his computer. Now Bill and Ellen had a great chance to shine their luck and that’s why they both Contacted the company that they are working on a basic software that will run altair computers.

The two then worked day and night at the Harvard Computer Center and built a software.

Bill Gates achievements

In 1975, Paul Allen went to get the software tested and when the software altair 8800 was installed, it started working properly and it was the best moment of his life which had a historical impact on the computer industry and after that he ever Decided not to stop and at the age of 19, founded the Microsoft company in 1975 with Paul Allen, and his computer consumption increased so much that he left his studies before the final year but early Bill and Allen also faced a lot of problems during the period, but there was such a trend among people that people would buy personal computers but share their software and personal information with each other and that is why someone Also, there was no interest in spending money on the software and Ellen and Bill Gates worked hard to make the software, so they felt bad about it.Bill Gates biography

Friends, Bill Gates was not only interested in making software but also in furthering his business, due to the hard work and dedication of Bill Gates, the company’s growth continued to grow towards Apple Intel IBM and hard ware making company day by day. And then Microsoft started expanding the new software into different languages ​​and selling its products to other computer companies.

By 1978, the software sales had crossed one million or more than 1000000 and from 1978 to 1981 there was a phenomenal growth in Microsoft and in a very short time the number of Microsoft employees increased from 13 to 128.

In 1980, the IBM company offered Microsoft software to build computers for their computers. Allen and Bill Gates created a software for the IBM company, and the IBM company asked them to buy the software for $ 50,000, but Bill Gates turned down the offer because Bill Gates wanted IBM company to install and sell Microsoft’s software in all its computers, Microsoft also got a share in it.

Many other companies came in the same market, Microsoft started selling their software to those who made computers.

And in the middle of 1981, Bill Gates became President and Ellen Executive Vice President of Microsoft Company

By 1983, the turnover of the Microsoft company had increased from $ 4 million to $ 16 million, and of all the personal computers that were available in the world, 30% of the software was being run by the Microsoft company, and by 1983, on one side the bill At the age of just 28, Gates was reaching the pinnacle of success and the demand for software created by Bill and Allen across the world was increasing, while on the other hand, Paul Allen had a serious illness that came under the category of cancer, although almost After 1 year, Allen was slowly recovering, but he could no longer participate in the day-to-day business of the Microsoft company and that is why he left Microsoft.

In 1984, Bill Gates became the only face of Microsoft and through his persistent efforts, in 1985, his company Microsoft sold more than $ 140 million.

In 1986, Bill Gates launched the Microsoft Window market in which anyone could easily use a computer with a mouse, and it was only in 1986 that Bill Gates made his company public which gave the Microsoft company a new financial base and he He held 45% of the total stock which made him a billionaire at the age of 31.

Bill Gates was one of the youngest billionaires until 1987.

In 1990, Microsoft launched a new window 3.0 and it became the best selling window.

In 1994, Bill Gates married 28-year-old Melinda French, who had been working in her company for 37 years at the age of 37, but her mother died of cancer a few months after their marriage.

The year 1995 was very good for Microsoft as Bill Gates launched the Microsoft 95 window this year. Bill Gates was the richest person living in the US by the age of 42 who had $ 50 billion in assets that kept growing. Today it is 90 billion dollars.

Friends, Bill Gates has two daughters and a son, but did you know that even after so much wealth that Bill Gates has, Bill Gates has decided to leave his children with 10 million dollars, which is a lot of his wealth There is a small part and when asked about it, Bill Gates only says that I will give good education to my children but it is not appropriate for my children to leave so much wealth. I felt that some years ago my wealth Those who have come from the society should return to the society itself.

Bill Gates has been awarded a number of awards for being a good businessman as well as for his loving nature and for donating countless wealth.

In 2014, Bill Gates stepped down as chairman, making Satya Nadella the CEO of a Microsoft company who is an Indian.

And Bill Gates together with his wife Melinda French runs an NGO “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” and works very well all over the world.

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