Blogging Help your Small Business

Blogging is one of the top content strategies used by businesses and marketers in today’s age. People constantly need guidance and advice on how to do things the right way and blogs are the easiest way to learn. 

If you want your small business to grow, you need to give people knowledge along with your product and services. Not sure exactly how much of a difference blogging will make to your success?

Blogging Help your Small Business

Let’s run through the main reasons why it’s so important. 

Make more conversions 

By addressing topics and concerns that already exist within an industry, you’re finding people who already have a need, and giving them a little push in the direction of your product. You’re answering a question that they need an answer to, and if your answer is convincing enough then they are likely to make a purchase from you. 

People usually turn to blog posts when they want research to help them make a decision. If you’re good at giving information that matters, then you will gain a customer! 

If someone is already on your blog and they like what you have to say, they are much more likely to buy from you than your competitor. Your blog is free ad space for your business, make sure you use it smartly so that you can turn visitors into customers.

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Establish trust with your audience

With new businesses popping up every other day it’s getting increasingly more difficult to have ‘loyal’ customers. With meaningful blog posts about your business and its purpose (or even other vaguely related topics) you can keep customers engaged and build relationships with them.

By responding to comments, answering questions and addressing concerns, your audience will learn to rely on you in the long run.

Every blog post shouldn’t be focused on simply selling your product or service, instead look at the bigger picture. Focus more on giving people useful information that adds value to their lives. When building trust with your audience it’s also extremely important to keep digital marketing strategies in mind. SOme of these include:

  • Personalizing content
  • Using different channels to reach different groups of people
  • Use built in features to your advantage (like scheduled posting)
  • Keeping a conversational tone

Builds long-term traffic

Whenever people have a problem, they search it up online to get a quick solution. Having blog posts about how your product is the solution to a certain problem will gradually make you a trusted and solution-oriented platform. This leads to slow and steady long-term traffic. Businesses with blogs tend to get 55% more web traffic than those without one. The numbers don’t lie and this number is too big to ignore!

Blog posts can also be great anchors for social media posts. Post relevant content on your social platforms and add links to your blog posts. This way you can get things rolling on Instagram and Facebook while also redirecting interested people to your blog and building traffic.

You can easily use online resources to get small business flyer templates or post templates. This way you can save time and money on hiring designers. 

This is also a way to ‘humanize’ your brand. Once your business is not just a mysterious entity but a caring and considerate company that wants the best for its customers, your image will keep building over time. 

Make it a stream of passive income

Investing time and effort into your blog will give you much more than a strong online presence – it can also give you monetary benefit.

Once your blog posts get rolling and your website gains some traction, you can think about selling ad spaces, affiliate links, and doing brand sponsorships. ALthough your main goal should be to increase web traffic with your blog, there’s no harm in generating an income stream while you’re at it.

Better SEO rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked higher in search results when people are looking up something related to your business. To rank highly, you need credible blog posts with all the important keywords (words that people tend to use a lot while making searches). 

If done correctly, this slowly and surely makes your website rank higher and gain more traction. The more blogs you write using popular keywords, the more people will visit your website, and eventually other websites will start linking back to your blogs. It’s one giant web of information, and you want to make the web as big as you can. 

The whole point of a business is to get more customers and make bigger profits. And with the internet being the center of the universe lately, you need to optimize your online presence.

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Wrapping it up

Studies, results, and numbers, all show that a business having a blog is a business that sees more growth than others. In order to make your business grow you have to nurture relationships with customers, and add more value to their experience. 

In this case, information is currency. Giving your audience important information via blog posts is how you can give them more value for money, and help them trust you. 

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