Who Owns Hulu

Hulu is a popular service for watching TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. But how much does it cost? And who owns Hulu?

As of 2017, Hulu has over 25 million paying subscribers. The company offers three different plans: Basic ($7.99 per month), Limited Commercials ($11.99 per month), and No Commercials ($13.99 per month). Hulu also offers an ad-supported free tier that allows viewers to watch its content for no charge but with commercials. Here are some important facts about Hulu that you may not know!

Who Owns Hulu?

Unlike the other streaming services, Hulu is not owned by a major media company. Instead, the service is a joint venture between Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA ) and Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS ), which is partially owned by Fox (NASDAQ: FOXA ). Comcast and Disney purchased the online video service together in 2008 for $8.4 billion.

In May 2017, it was announced that Disney would be acquiring most of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets for $52.4 billion. The deal includes Fox’s 22 regional sports networks and Hulu. However, Fox will maintain a 30% ownership stake in Hulu.

The purchase of Fox’s entertainment assets will likely impact Hulu. Comcast owns 30% of the company, so if Fox sells Hulu to Disney, Comcast could be bought out.


How Much Does It Cost?

Hulu has three different pricing plans that differ in price, the number of streams, and how many days of previews content are included.

Basic $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming, no commercials, and no record-up time.

Limited Commercials $11.99 per month for a limited number of commercials per hour and a 24-hour recording time.

No Commercials $13.99 per month for no commercials, unlimited streaming, and one recording time.

What Plan Do I Get?

The first and only option for new users is Basic. If you don’t want to watch commercials, this is the best option for you. That said, if you are a regular viewer of commercial-free TV, you may want to consider signing up for the Limited Commercials plan for $2 more per month.


How to Cancel Your Hulu Subscription.

You can cancel your Hulu subscription online. Just go to the settings page on the Hulu website or your Hulu app. There, you’ll find several options for canceling your subscription:

After you cancel your account, you’ll need to reinstate your account within the next seven days. After seven days, the account will go into cancellation, and you won’t be able to reinstate it.

When Is My Money Coming Back?

Right now, the online payment system is working temporarily. The company has been working to fix an issue that it says affects payment processing. If you try to pay for your service and cannot complete the transaction, you’ll be notified. You can click here to learn more about the payment system and why it’s temporarily down.

But when is my money coming back? At this point, it’s unclear.


What Is Hulu?

Hulu is a video streaming service. That means that it allows viewers to stream TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other videos online. There are many ways to watch Hulu:

You can watch Hulu with a cable television provider (Comcast, DirecTV, Xfinity, etc.), or

You can watch Hulu with an internet television provider (Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, etc.),

You can watch Hulu on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Hulu’s Media Strategy

Hulu was created by NBC Universal and is majority-owned by The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and Comcast. It launched in 2007 and initially focused on showing programming from the three big cable TV networks: NBC, Fox, and Disney.


What Is The Future of Hulu? 

Hulu became a private company in 2010 after it was sold to News Corp. for $750 million. The next year, in 2011, the company was purchased by Disney for $750 million. In 2015, Disney was bought by Fox in a deal that was finalized the following year. This deal brought Disney and Fox’s movie studios, cable networks, and international TV units under the same roof. Now, Hulu is owned by Disney, Fox, Comcast, Time Warner, and AT&T. In 2018, Disney said it would launch its streaming platform called Disney+, which will stream exclusive content from Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films as well as Disney TV shows and movies, while Fox properties like FX and National Geographic will also be available on the platform.


What Is The Difference Between Hulu And Netflix?

While both Hulu and Netflix are members of the online streaming service, Netflix is owned by a different company, while Hulu is owned by the two largest movie studios, News Corp. and Disney (both of which are under the 21st Century Fox umbrella). Hulu is free for Hulu’s original content, and the membership tiers come with limited commercials. Netflix, on the other hand, has unlimited streaming and commercials for its members.


Why you should subscribe to Hulu 

All of the above are some of the key reasons to subscribe to Hulu:

Everyone can see every show on Hulu. You don’t need a cable subscription or a Hulu account to view its content.

Hulu is the only place where you can watch all four major networks on Hulu.

It’s owned by 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, and Disney. And, starting in 2019, it will be owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Hulu has more content than Netflix. It has over 200 live TV channels, and it has an additional 500+ movies on its platform.

Hulu has a large selection of original content. It recently produced the 2018 series “Castle Rock” and “Runaways.”

Hulu’s HDR and 4K High Dynamic Range and its audio quality support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

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