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HBO is one of the most popular premium cable channels on television. It offers some of the best TV shows out there, such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, and excellent original programmings like Big Little Lies and The Shop. HBO Max is the newest service offered by HBO. This service provides access to all of HBO’s content over the internet on more than 20 devices without the need for a cable or satellite TV subscription. However, there are some questions about who owns HBO Max and how much it costs. Keep reading to learn answers to these questions.


Who Owns HBO?

HBO has always been a sister network of Time Warner, which is a separate publicly traded company. However, Time Warner’s ownership of HBO is currently under a lot of scrutinies. A legal battle between AT&T and Time Warner has been going on for a while now, and, likely, AT&T could potentially end up purchasing Time Warner if the deal is allowed to go through.

Many people believe that the merger would create a media powerhouse. However, many people worry that it will end up being very expensive. The merger has been proposed but not approved, so it’s still a big mystery if this will happen or not.

This isn’t the first time Time Warner has been in the news for antitrust issues. Back in 2012, the DOJ tried to block Comcast from acquiring NBC Universal for $30 billion.


How Much Is HBO Max?

According to 9to5Mac, HBO Max costs $14.99 a month if you’re a new subscriber. The first month of the subscription is free. The total cost of the first month is $11.99. If you don’t subscribe to HBO after your free month, you will be charged $19.99 in the month after you subscribe. You will also be charged $7.99 for a subscription to HBO’s streaming service, HBO Now, if you already have it.

So, how much is HBO Max compared to HBO Now? The difference is $10. HBO Now is only available on mobile devices. HBO Max is available to stream on desktop, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

Is HBO Max the Same as HBO Go?

No, HBO Go is not available on HBO Max. HBO Go is an excellent app that allows you to stream every HBO Original and other TV shows and movies.


what to watch on HBO Max

HBO Max will allow subscribers to watch and stream HBO content on an unlimited number of devices. The service is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other streaming devices. Keep in mind that HBO is also available on many more devices through other services. HBO and HBO Now are both services that allow subscribers to watch HBO content without a cable or satellite television subscription. They are both excellent options for Netflix-like content.

Can I watch HBO on HBO NOW?

You can access HBO NOW through the app available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV devices, Android mobile devices, Xbox One consoles, and Samsung Smart TVs. HBO NOW is the leading streaming service that HBO offers.


 What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a premium cable channel offered as a standalone service on various streaming devices and services. For the most part, HBO Max is identical to HBO Go. That means it provides users with access to all of HBO’s original content. This includes Game of Thrones, Westworld, and True Detective Season 3. HBO Max also allows access to the live feeds of the other HBO channels, including HBO2, HBO3, HBO Comedy, and HBO Family. However, HBO Max is not available on a standalone basis through Comcast, Cox Communications, AT&T U-Verse, Charter Communications, or Verizon Fios. So you will need to subscribe to an internet service with one of these providers to access HBO Max.


How to get HBO Max

HBO Max is a monthly service that costs $14.99. It’s available to subscribers of satellite providers DirecTV Now and Sling TV and live-TV streaming services Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV. It is also a standalone offering to users with internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast, Charter, and Verizon. It is a separate streaming service, so HBO Max is not included with a current TV subscription.

You can sign up for a free trial of HBO Max, but keep in mind that the $14.99 will apply if you’re not satisfied. That’s still cheaper than a standalone streaming service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, so if you’re a cord-cutter who wants to watch HBO but doesn’t have a cable or satellite subscription, HBO Max is worth considering.


How to cancel HBO Max

HBO Max is not tied to a specific channel. This means that customers can cancel the service any time by going to the HBO website. From there, users can sign up for a new subscription plan. While HBO Max does not require a cable or satellite TV subscription, users will still have to pay a one-time activation fee. In the US, the cost of a one-month subscription is $14.99, while the price of a month-to-month plan is $16.99.

Per a report by Digital Trends, “HBO Max includes all HBO’s original and award-winning programming, HBO classics, a large catalog of movies, and unlimited online viewing with access to HBO Now.” So, it sounds like there are no restrictions to the number of HBO Max users that can sign up. However, you do have to pay $14.99 to sign up.


Is there a free trial to HBO Max?

There is no free trial to HBO Max, but you can sign up for one. To do this, go to www.hbvmax.com/tilt. Once you sign up for a free trial, you will access the service from different devices. You will be able to stream HBO content on the latest iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, and other devices.

How much is HBO Max?

HBO Max costs $14.99 per month, and there are no catches or obligations with signing up. HBO Max is available without any cable subscription and also comes with a free 30-day trial.

Does HBO Max offer any additional features?

When you use HBO Max, you can access the same services as you would use with a regular HBO subscription.


Comparing HBO to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

HBO does not compare to the other popular streaming services available out there. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu offer more programs and more content than HBO does. If you’re looking to watch HBO, you’ll want to consider these services instead.

How Much Does HBO Max Cost?

HBO Max does not come cheap. HBO Max starts at $14.99 per month and works on more than 20 devices like an Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV 4K, or Roku stick. You can also stream HBO on more than ten different platforms with HBO Now. HBO Now is only available for $14.99 per month. You can also buy HBO Now a la carte to save a bit of money.

How to Watch HBO Max

You can watch HBO Max on HBO Go, YouTube TV, Amazon Fire TV, or select smart tvs and mobile devices.

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