Industrial Warehousing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard about the rise in the use of robots. Robots are being used in several areas. This is the case with robots in industrial warehouses. 

Data shows that within the last decade, 15% of warehouses have begun to use robots. It’s expected that this figure will go up in the coming years. 

Full automation is now a thing of the present. Read on to learn how robotics are becoming a part of industrial warehousing. 

Industrial Warehousing

What Is Industrial Warehouse Robotics?

Do you know what warehouse automation solutions consist of? These solutions encompass several options that relate to the use of robotics. These can involve the use of automated systems, robots, and specialized software. 

In essence, these robotic solutions can replace humans. If there’s a need, warehouse robotic solutions can be used to transport materials and streamline certain processes.

You may have noticed that in recent years, robotics has gained more acceptance in major distribution centers. Many companies are realizing the potential of robots in this area. 

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Types of Warehouse Robotics

You need to become familiar with the different types of warehouse robotics. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) come in handy for transportation purposes. 

Warehouses can use AGVs to transport materials and supplies within the facility. They can replace the need to use forklifts. 

These robots are autonomous meaning there’s no need for a human to control them. They can run on established routes marked on the floor. 

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are also being used in this area. These systems automate inventory management. They can also facilitate the warehouse storage and retrieval process. 

A computer can control AS/RS. Special software makes this process speedy. It makes fulfillment easier through warehouse automation. 

Articulated robotic arms are used to manipulate products. These often use multi-jointed limbs to pick up and

move objects. They’re ideal for picking and packing operations. 

Benefits of Warehouse Robotics

There’s no doubt that the use of robotics in industrial warehousing provides several great benefits. Due to the labor shortage, there’s a need to focus on warehouse automation. 

Robots can take on stressful tasks and still boost productivity. They can also help to improve accuracy. This limits the likelihood of human errors which can lead to injuries and downtime. 

Robots can also contribute to higher customer satisfaction levels. This is a great benefit for companies that use robots to fulfill orders that need to be sent out to customers. Customers can expect to receive the right product. 

If you want to reap the benefits of this type of technology, you should start using robots in your warehouse. Start by using a racking system. Click on the link to learn more about an effective racking system for warehouse use. 

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Make Use of Industrial Warehousing Robotic Solutions

As you read, robotics is now being used in industrial warehouses. This technology is an industrial warehousing solution that’s worth using. Now’s the time to implement automated warehouse systems in your warehouse. 

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