Write a Business School Application Essay

Writing about your talents and achievements to impress others is always challenging. However, if your goal is to study in a business school, you must write an application essay highlighting your strengths. You aim to communicate a simple yet significant idea to the application committee: you are perfect for this business school, just like the school is perfect for you.

You must do thorough research to learn as much as possible about the values of the educational institution of your interest. The more specific examples you draw, the higher your chances to succeed.

Research, however, is not the most challenging part of the process. The main difficulty is overcoming the pressure, as the stakes are high. Many applicants rewrite their drafts dozens of times because their essays do not seem to be good enough to make a strong impression on the committee.

That is why many of them use the services of online companies like PayForWriting to hire a qualified writer. It is a fast and effective way of turning an average essay into something outstanding. Moreover, you can be sure there will be no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Write a Business School Application Essay

Here are some more recommendations on how to make your piece stand out from the rest of the applications.

Stay honest

Your research on the chosen school might lead you in the wrong direction. Some applicants think it’s a good idea to create a fake image of themselves and present it in their essays. Even though this image might perfectly match the school’s requirements, don’t try to be someone you are not.

After all, if you don’t get to this school, it might be a positive thing. If it’s the wrong place for you and the committee sees that through your essay, there is no point in regrets.

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Emphasize leadership

Business schools look for leadership potential in an applicant. Describe the situations where you took the initiative, led a team, or demonstrated your ability to motivate and guide others.

Use specific examples instead of vague statements. You aim to showcase your leadership skills through real-life experience.

Quantify achievements 

The committee of your business schools might value candidates who can demonstrate tangible results. Whenever possible, quantify your achievements. Use numbers, percentages, or other metrics to illustrate your impact on academic, professional, or extracurricular activities.

It is not enough to just write that you are good at math. Instead, you can write that you are among the 3% of students in your school with the highest scores on math exams. 

Mention your problem-solving skills 

Business education is often about solving complex problems. The solutions are never obvious and require time and persistence. In your essay, you can mention the challenges you’ve faced and the strategies you used to overcome them.

Focus on the outcomes you achieved. Doing so will help the committee to see your analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Remember to write about interpersonal skills 

Your task is to demonstrate that you can work effectively with others. Recall the situations where you collaborated with diverse teams, resolved conflicts, or demonstrated strong interpersonal skills in a professional or academic context.

Business is always about people and the way they interact. An effective leader can guide the team and solve all kinds of conflicts on the way. It is crucial to make sure everyone is heard and, at the same time, stay within the deadlines.

Link career goals 

Clearly list your short-term and long-term career goals. Explain how the business school’s program will help you achieve these goals. Discuss specific courses, resources, or networking opportunities that align with your aspirations.

It is crucial to ensure that the committee understands how you can contribute to the school’s environment and how the school can help you achieve what you want. After all, it should be a two-way road that guarantees mutual benefits.

Highlight international experience

If you have international experience through travel, work, or study, emphasize the global perspective you gained. Business schools often prefer candidates with cross-cultural awareness and the ability to thrive in a diverse environment.

It has a logical explanation, as more and more businesses become global thanks to the digital age advancements.

Explain the correlation between extracurriculars and business skills

Demonstrate how extracurricular activities helped you develop skills relevant to a business context. Explain how these skills will contribute to your success in business school, whether it’s teamwork, communication, or project management.

Even if your extracurriculars have nothing in common with the world of business, think about the qualities you’ve gained.

For instance, playing the violin requires high concentration and dedication. If you’ve mastered this instrument, you are ready to spend time and effort to achieve the desired goal.

Show the desire for continuous learning

Сandidates committed to ongoing learning and professional development have higher chances of getting noticed by the committee. Discuss any relevant courses, certifications, or workshops you’ve completed. Highlight your enthusiasm to continue learning in the business school environment.

You can also underline the significance of continuous learning in our fast-changing world. It is crucial to learn new techniques and get insights from educational programs. Otherwise, there is a high risk of your business lagging behind the competitors.

Align with school values

Research the core values and culture of the business school you’re applying to. Align your essay with these values and demonstrate how you’ll contribute to the school’s community.

After all, there are reasons why you choose this particular school over others. It must have something in its values and mission that other educational institutions don’t.

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Seek feedback

Before finalizing your essay, consider getting current business school students’ or alumni feedback. They can provide valuable insights into what the school is looking for and offer suggestions for improvement. Be ready to hear constructive comments from them and apply those instructions wisely.

It does not mean that you should follow all of their guidelines, of course. Your essay should still have your unique voice.

Make sure to start working on your essay in advance to have enough time for revisions. Check if there are any grammar or spelling errors using tools like Grammarly. Good luck!

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