Researching People Online

When it comes to researching people online, many of us are familiar with using the internet to find out information on potential dates, family members, and co-workers for lots of reasons. After all, many individuals put a significant amount of information about themselves online, and public records are also typically available online. 

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to researching people online, our guide is here to give advice on the best safe people research methods.

Researching People Online

Why Research People Online?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to research someone online. 

Oftentimes, people find themselves researching others online for safety reasons, such as to vet a potential date and ensure they are telling the truth. Some conduct online research to make sure their partner is being faithful. Others may simply be curious about a friend, family member, or long-lost relative that they haven’t spoken to in a while. 

Whatever your reasons, as long as you are conducting your search legally and you aren’t using any of the information you gain to conduct illegal activities, you are free to do so. We’ll get more into this later. 

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Best Methods for Researching People Online

The following methods are the best ways to easily research people online without a lot of stress. Make sure to try all of the methods, as you never know which one will give you the best results.

Background Check Search Tools

A background check search tool is one of the best methods for researching people online due to the ease of the tool. We recommend using this one, as its database is continually updated, so you can feel more confident in the results. 

Online tools like these utilize public records to compile a report about a person’s background and vital information. You may find their address history, contact numbers, potential known associates and relatives, and even places of employment or education.

To use a background check search tool, simply type in the name of the person you are researching and their location. Hit the search button, and then review the easy-to-read report that tells you all of the information you might want to know.

Internet Browser Searches

A simple search method that many individuals know how to conduct, using an internet browser to research people online is a great way to collect information. 

Use your favorite internet browser, such as Google, to type in the person’s name, their location, and other identifying information about them, such as their place of employment. You can then browse the search results and find social media pages or other online accounts that might be connected to this person.

You should keep in mind that the further back in the search results you go, the less likely the results are to be relevant to your query.

Social Media Checks

Social media is one of the most common ways to research people online, and this process is made easy by many individuals voluntarily inputting their information into their profiles. 

By utilizing social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, you can find vital information about a person. You may find their date of birth, their marital status, previous places of employment and education, or the general area of where they live.

It’s important to note that when using social media to research people you may need to have an account on the website in order to use the website’s search features. 

Some social media sites also show the person that you have viewed their profile. You should be wary about this if you don’t want the person to know you have been researching them online.

Is It Legal to Research People Online?

As we mentioned above, as long as the research you are conducting on people online isn’t due to any kind of criminal activity or a desire to stalk, it is legal to conduct this research. 

It’s important to note that a public records checker or a background check tool shouldn’t be utilized if you are screening individuals for employment or other official positions. These checks require consent from the individual in most states, otherwise they could be considered illegal.

Double-check with your state’s disclosure and information privacy laws for more information if you are concerned about researching people online.

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Accessing the Information You Need

When it comes to accessing information about individuals you interact with daily or those you are planning to meet, you need an easy way to ensure that you will be safe. You also need to know that the other person is truthful about their character. 

Alternatively, you may simply be curious about friends, family members, or co-workers and interested in gaining knowledge for your own peace of mind. 

Whatever your reasons for researching people online, as long as you conduct this activity safely and legally, you are free to use the interest to access all of the information you need.

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