Humana Medicare Advantage Plan

Humana provides almost every Medicare Advantage plan. Its programs provide practical benefits such as lunch delivery services and savings on vision care.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plan

However, the company is frequently overpriced and has poor customer service ratings.

Humana Medicare Advantage plans are too costly, and the company receives numerous complaints.

Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2024 can assist with paying healthcare expenditures that Original Medicare does not completely cover. Humana offers all Medicare Advantage plans except for Plans D and M, while availability varies by state.

On the other hand, Humana receives more complaints about its Medicare Advantage plans than comparable-sized companies, and its average rates are high.

Checking Medicare Advantage prices from different carriers ensures you obtain the most excellent deal.

Humana’s Advantage insurance plans include enticing extras like savings on vision, hearing, and Lifeline medical alert systems.

Humana Medigap does not offer dental benefits, but you may get such coverage by enrolling in a Humana dental insurance policy.

Humana’s additional benefits may justify the high premiums and subpar service for some. However, Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans are not the best option for most people.

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Humana’s Plan G Medicare Advantage coverage costs approximately $200 monthly, more than many competitors.

Humana Medigap plans range in price from $53 to $245 per month, depending on your selected option. Plans with lower rates typically provide less coverage, resulting in higher healthcare expenses.

Remember that prices vary greatly, and receiving a quote is the best way to determine how much you would pay. A variety of things might impact costs.

  • Type of Plans: Advantage plans differ in terms of coverage and cost. Humana’s Plan C is more than twice as expensive as its Plan K, and its high-deductible plans are the most affordable.
  • Location: State restrictions can have an impact on how much plans cost.
  • Gender: Women often pay less for Medicare coverage than males.
  • Age: In many areas, the cost of Advantageary insurance might rise as you get older. Humana Plan G, for example, increases by 2% to 3% annually.
  • Medical Issues: Many jurisdictions have price categories based on medical issues or other risk factors, with healthy persons receiving a lower charge.

Humana also provides a few discounts, which may assist in offsetting the company’s high costs.

  • In most states, receiving a quotation online saves you 6%.
  • Automatic payments cost $2 per month.
  • Earn a household discount if you have numerous policies.

Humana Plan G Costs

Plan G is one of the popular Medicare plans and should be a top choice. Humana charges more for a Medicare Advantage Plan G than other health insurance providers. When selecting a plan, consider the expenses at enrollment and the predicted costs as you age.

You can discover which company offers the highest overall cost by seeking various estimates. This might help you prevent rate shock as you become older.

In nine states, Humana employs a “community-rating” pricing approach. This means that age will not affect rates.

Humana employs an “issue-age” rating in five states, which implies your rate depends on your age when you initially purchased insurance.

On the other hand, Humana utilizes an “attained-age” rating in 36 states and Washington, D.C., which means your rate will rise as you age.

Coverage and plan benefits

Across all insurance carriers, each Medicare Advantage plan provides consistent coverage. This implies that a Humana plan will provide the same medical coverage features as another company’s.

Humana is one of the major insurance companys in the United States. Medicare Advantage plans are available in more than 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Except for Plans D and M, Humana provides all Medicare Advantage plans.

Plan G, the pick for the most significant overall coverage, is a valuable alternative if you’re searching for a Medicare Advantage Plan D or M but prefer Humana coverage.

Plan G covers the expense of skilled care facilities, which might be helpful as you get older. You must find coverage via another company if you want Plan D or M.

Member resources and advantages

Humana policyholders can access the following programs and the standard Medicare advantages, such as seeing practically any doctor or medical institution.

  • 24-hour nurse hotline
  • EyeMed offers vision insurance discounts.
  • Hearing aid and service discounts
  • Program for Drug Discounts
  • Fitness program for SilverSneakers
  • Lifeline medical alert (fall detection and on-demand assistance) is discounted.
  • To check claims or get health information, use the MyHumana app.
  • Meal delivery service following an overnight stay at a hospital or care institution

Humana is not suggested mainly because the company has many policyholder complaints.

One of Humana’s significant companies has roughly five times the average number of complaints regarding its Medicare Advantage plans, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Humana’s core companys each have their complaint index, and ratings vary. On the other hand, Humana’s Medicare Advantage products receive more complaints than the norm.

Humana’s customer satisfaction is rated average by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), scoring 3.1 out of 5.

MyHumana likewise earns low ratings and may not be the most helpful tool. For iOS, the app has a rating of 2.9 out of 5. Users report that the app does not reliably track their coverage, does not load smoothly, and does not operate properly.

The Android version has a rating of 4.2 out of 5, although recent reviews have been negative, citing the same concerns as iOS users.

On the other hand, Humana’s past capacity to pay claims has an excellent financial rating, obtaining an A- financial strength rating from AM Best with a stable outlook.

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Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO, and PFFS provider and a Medicare-approved standalone prescription drug plan.

Humana is also a Coordinated Care Plan with Medicare and state Medicaid contracts. Enrollment in any Humana plan is determined by contract renewal.

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