Make Clothes Like Forever

If you protect your clothes and take good care of them, you can not only wear your favorite items for a long time, but also save money and resources. So you can enjoy more 20Bet online betting.

Society’s throwaway mentality is also noticeable in the clothing sector. If an item of clothing is damaged or we no longer like it, it often ends up in the garbage can. For relatively little money, we can buy something new at the next shopping mall.

But the fast-fashion principle has consequences: The production of clothing requires valuable resources (such as land, water and energy). So with every carelessly discarded and newly purchased piece of clothing, we are also harming our planet.

In addition, fashion from conventional brands is often contaminated with harmful substances and is usually produced under undignified working conditions.

Make Clothes Like Forever

When buying clothes, it is therefore best to go for fair fashion brands. These are often more expensive, but with our tips you can make sure that you can wear them for a long time. 


1. less washing is more

Make sure to wash your clothes only when it is really necessary. The long programs of the washing machine and the detergent stress the fabric and thus promote wear. Instead of throwing them straight into the hamper, there are other ways to keep your clothes clean and fresh: You can remove smaller stains with a wet sponge or rag.

For more stubborn stains, you can use some bile soap. Make sure that you really only treat the affected area and spare the rest of the garment.

Just because you’ve worn a sweater for a day or two doesn’t mean it has to go through the wash. Instead, do the odor test first.

If you don’t notice any sweat or other annoying odors, you can hang it back on the clothes rack. Even if clothes smell slightly of sweat, you can first hang them on a hanger in the fresh air. Especially with clothes made of wool, the smell will disappear on its own after a few hours.

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2. wash properly

When washing your clothes, you should check the label beforehand to see what temperatures each piece can withstand. For particularly delicate materials, you should only hand wash.

To avoid discoloration, you should also divide your laundry into light and dark garments. In some cases, it also makes sense to sort by material. For example, there is a particularly gentle wool washing program for clothes made of wool. If you run this program, you can also use a wool or delicates detergent.

Otherwise, a powder detergent is usually sufficient. When buying organic detergent – it is free of microplastics and harmful substances. This not only protects your clothes, but also the environment. You can find recommended products in our best products list. Alternatively, you can also use washing nuts or a washing ball.

3. prevent clothes moths

Clothes moths eat small holes in your clothes. Once they have eaten through the material, it is usually almost impossible to wear the clothes again. Therefore, you should prevent the pests. These tips can help you:

Moths feel especially at home in dark and quiet corners. If you wear your clothes regularly, they have almost no chance to settle in. It is even safer to use a clothes rail. If you place it in a bright room, darkness will not occur.

If you know that your room is susceptible to moths, you can also use an insect screen. Attached to the window, it will keep the pests from flying in.

Clothes moths love wool. Therefore, you should shake out woolen sweaters as often as possible. If you have wool carpets in your home, it is worthwhile to vacuum them regularly.

Clothes that are stored in boxes and are hardly worn at the moment (for example, because they are not in season) should be checked regularly for moths. Otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise after a few months.

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4. fight clothes moths

The moths are already there and busy eating their way through your clothes? Don’t worry! You can get the pests under control with a few simple methods:

Scents from essential oils and herbs do not go down well with moths. So dip a cloth in a mixture of warm water and essential oil and wipe your closet thoroughly on a regular basis.

A sachet of strong-smelling herbs (like lavender) will also help drive the pests away. Ichneumon wasps are the moth’s natural predators. You can even buy them online now. Then you settle them in the affected closet. You should have cleared out and cleaned it beforehand.

The ichneumon wasps then hunt for moths on their own. You should wash affected clothing at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius to rid it of larvae.

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