Declutter Digital Life

Isn’t the world becoming dependent on digital? There was a time when phones were only used for calls and text messages. Today, your phone has everything you need.

You can shop, connect with friends, reserve tables, book hotels and flights, attend video meetings, stream online content, and much more. Also, your laptop or computer with an Internet connection opens a world of opportunities for you to work, game, or control smart home devices like speakers, lights, and smart doors. 

With so much going on, your digital life may quickly become cluttered. Things may seem disorganized as you have piles of unread messages, LinkedIn requests, or Instagram DM requests. 

Maybe it is time to declutter and take control of your digital life. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Declutter Digital Life

Remove the Frequently Visited Websites From your Browser 

You may think your Internet life is diverse, but a closer look will reveal that there are few websites you visit more than others. You may even be addicted to some of them and cannot complete your day without visiting the site at least once a day. 

Whether you want to overcome this addiction or don’t want the frequently visited websites displayed on your browser, it is necessary to learn how to get rid of frequently visited websites. 

Removing the frequently visited websites on your Mac on Safari is a straightforward process. Launch Safari > select History > Clear History > decide on the period for which you want to remove your browsing history, and then click on Clear History again. 

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Organize your Inbox 

Keeping your inbox clear and organized is essential so you don’t delete important emails. 

If your inbox is overflowing with unread messages, it will be a good practice to mark the necessary emails. Also, you can turn on filters to automatically move emails from the inbox and into folders. 

You can even turn on filters for detecting spam emails and sending them directly to the spam folder. 

Delete the Apps You Haven’t Opened in the Past few Months 

Get rid of all the applications you have on your device that you haven’t used for a few months. Even if it has been more than two or three months, it means the app isn’t as important to you as you thought. It is taking up precious storage space that you can use for something else. 

It is a fact that over 60% of the applications on people’s smartphones are unused, or they have only been used once. Does this sound familiar to you? Delete them right away! 

Remove the Unwanted Files 

Mac users get 5GB of free iCloud storage. Hence, they upload anything and everything to their cloud account and forget about it. However, when the cloud storage is nearing the 5GB limit, and they are asked to purchase additional storage, the panic starts. 

This unnecessary stress can be avoided by deleting unwanted files and backing up your data. Useless email attachments, downloads, videos, or pictures may take up storage space on your devices. You must regularly go through them and delete redundant files and documents. 

While doing this, do not forget to close the browser tabs and remove the cookies, browsing history, and cache. 

Trim Your Social Media Friends/Followers

Everyone’s an influencer nowadays or aspiring to be one. However, if you are extremely active on your social media account, the chances are you are following too many accounts and have too many people in your friend list. 

You may not interact with half of them or don’t want to see some of them on your profile. The easy fix is to unfollow them or unfriend them so you don’t see their content and they cannot see yours. 

This will help you declutter your social media account. 

Empty the Trash 

Once you have deleted a bunch of files, documents, pictures, or videos, remember to clear the Trash. All the files deleted on your device are sent to the Trash, and they remain there for thirty days. Therefore, your storage space is still full. 

Please note that whenever you delete something on your Mac, it goes straight to the Trash. Therefore, you must right-click on the Trash folder to delete the files permanently. However, remember that once you delete them from the Trash, the action is permanent. Therefore, you cannot do anything to recover those files in the future. 

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Decluttering your digital life is essential because things can quickly get out of hand and make you feel overwhelmed. Keeping things under check is vital for your mental and emotional health. 

The steps and tips above will help you start your decluttering plan. But, as you take it one step at a time, remember to explore other options. For instance, take a week-long break from social media. 

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