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internet domain needs a suffix.  Once upon a time, the only suffix that existed was .com.  After the birth of the internet, domain suffixes rapidly increased to include .net, .org, .gov, and others.  Today, we see many different suffixes, and in an era where “internet real-estate” is becoming more and more valuable, creating a new domain registry that offers additional opportunities, is a smart move.  Entrepreneurs and corporations alike are delighted to discover a new domain suffix available, the widely popular .xyz.


So who is this new guy on the block, where does he come from, and what else does he have going on?  Read on to find out more…


Daniel Negari is the genius behind the new domain suffix .xyz.  


Daniel Negari is the founder and CEO of XYZ.  He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs operating in the registry field to date.  .xyz has quickly become one of the most popular domain suffixes in the world, and adopted by global business and individuals in over 230 countries and territories.  Even Google jumped on the .xyz bandwagon adopting early. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, purchased abc.xyz.  


Daniel is an active real estate investor, and his business interests have also branched out into online advertising.  Before he was the founder of XYZ, he found success buying and selling some of the most valuable domain names in the aftermarket.  His achievements have landed him global recognition, in publications such as Yahoo, Techweek, and Tech in Motion. He has also been featured in Wired, Fox Business News, CNN, and Bloomberg.  


Daniel graduated from the University of Southern California, and received many distinctions, including the USC Technology Scholar Award and USC Networking Award.  The headquarters of XYZ are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he also resides. XYZ also has offices in Santa Monica, California, and Beijing, China.  


How has the pandemic effected operations at XYZ?


Daniel Negari is an active blogger, and his personal musings can be found on ceo.xyz.  In one of the latest posts, Daniel talks about his struggles and stress throughout the 2020 year, and he gets very personal about the effects that the pandemic has had on his business.  Citing his competitive tendencies, Daniel discusses that while the year was a struggle, he was proud to announce that his entire team at XYZ moved to remote working environments successfully, and no one had to be fired, furloughed, or laid off.  


As a matter of fact, Daniel goes on to discuss his plans for growth, even during uncertain times.  It is clear that this CEO has decided to stop simply reacting to what is happening to his company and his people, and he is going on the offensive.  He goes on to discuss that he decided to stop fighting for the simple survival of his company and his people and started working on ways to be more innovative.  This includes predicting and anticipating the needs of his customers and being able to provide those things.  


Something else that Daniel strongly attributes to his success… his partnerships and the support he receives from other entrepreneurs breaking into the market and embracing the .xyz movement.  


More about XYZ as a Company


Daniel Negari didn’t stop with .xyz.  His company has launched several suffixes that have become even more successful than ever imagined.  Some of these include:

  • .quest
  • .monster
  • .baby
  • .college
  • .rent
  • .tickets
  • .cars / .car / .auto
  • .security / .protection
  • .theatre
  • .storage
  • .beauty
  • .makeup
  • .hair
  • .skin
  • .homes
  • .autos
  • .motorcycles
  • .boats
  • .yachts


More information about XYZ can be found on the website gen.xyz where the XYZ team boasts offering domain options for the next generation of website builders.  It is obvious that Daniel is heavily invested in providing a future for companies as they grow further into the online market, and his goal is to provide as many options as possible for as many unique users as possible.  


Where can I buy one of these domains?  


If you already have a host, then you can simply go to gen.xyz and on the homepage is a search option where you can start the process of finding your next domain name with one of these unique suffixes.  The cost of one of these domains is also usually less than what you can find through other platforms. .xyz was introduced to the market about 7 years ago on February 19th, 2014, and in November of 2015 reached 1.5 million domain name registrations, shortly after Google’s decision to adopt their suffix for Alphabet.  In 2016 .xyz was the sixth most registered domain name on the internet, and later that year became the fourth most registered name.  


The owner of .xyz has introduced several new domain suffixes to the market.  


While the .xyz domain suffix has been embraced by the web3 community, and become wildly popular all over the world, Daniel Negari has also introduced many other key domain suffixes into the market, growing his company significantly during the pandemic, when websites have become necessary, and space online has become even more valuable as small businesses become more prevalent.  While .xyz has put Daniel on the map, it definitely has not restricted his movements, and we expect to see many more great things from this young, talented CEO.  

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