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Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos: –
Jeff Bezos Biography- Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos (born 12 January 1964) is the founder, president, chief executive officer of and chairman of the board of It is the world’s richest man according to Forbes’ 2018 list. Bezos, a graduate from Princeton University who has received the prestigious honor called Tau Son Pi, served as a financial analyst for D. E. Shaw and the company before Amazon was founded in 1994.

Or else he started working on his cattle farm, where Bezos spent the summer holidays of his youth working with his maternal grandfather. Bezos used to do a wide range of tasks related to the operation of animal farms here. At an early age, he showed tremendous aptitude for mechanics – when he was a child, he tried to open his cradle with screwdrivers.

When Jeff Bezos was born, his mother, Jackie, was a teenager himself and was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His marriage to Bezos’ father lasted less than a year. When Jeff was five, he married a second marriage, Miguel Bezos. Miguel was born in Cuba and moved to the United States alone at the age of 15 and then reached the Albuquerque University on his own hard work. After marriage, the family moved to Houston, Texas, and Miguel became an engineer here at a company called Exxon. Jeff studied at the River Oaks Elementary in Houston from fourth through sixth grade.

Bezos showed a keen interest in various scientific objects at an early age. She secretly set up an alarm room to maintain her individuality and to keep her younger siblings away from her room. He converted his parents’ garage into a laboratory for his science projects. Later, the family moved to Miami, Florida, where Bezos studied at Miami Palmento Senior High School. While he was in high school, he attended a student science training program at the University of Florida. He got the benefit of this training in 1982 when he was awarded the Silver Night Award. He entered Princeton University to study physics, but soon got tired of it and he turned to computers again and then graduated in electrical engineering and computer science with high praise (Summa Low returned) Received. For his outstanding performance, he also gave him membership of his institution named Phi Beta Kappa as an institution honor. In 2008 Bezos was awarded an honorary doctorate in science and technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

After graduating from Princeton University in 1986, Bezos worked in the field of computer science in Wall Street. [5] He then worked to build a network for international business for a company called Fitel. Bezos then worked as a vice-president for the Bankers Trust. Later, he also worked for D.E.Shau and the company in the field of computer science.

Bezos founded in 1994, after touring the entire country from New York to Seattle. They used to write Amazon’s business plans on the way. He started this company from his garage. He became a prominent dot-com entrepreneur and billionaire on his own work with Amazon. In 2004, he founded a startup company called Blue Origin called Human Space Flight.

Bezos is known for his interest in business process descriptions. As described in Condé Nast’s, they are “at the same time a definite mogul on one side and a notorious micromanager on the other side … an executive who wants to know everything related to Amazon.” Whether it is specifics of the contract or how they are cited in Amazon’s press release.

artifical Intelligence:–
Artificial Artificial Intelligence (AAI) is a term coined by Jeff Bezos in the context of Artificial Intelligence. Certain tasks related to processing, such as identifying whether the person shown is a woman or a male by looking at a picture, are still done by humans faster than a computer. AI is not yet sufficient for programming such programs. AAI means to outsource such parts of computer programs to humans. The underlying principle in Amazon mechanical Turk is AAI.

Honor: –
In 1999, he was honored with the honor of being named Person of the Year by Time magazine. In 2008, US News and World Report selected him as one of America’s best leaders.


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